"Country Music Kinda Love"


"Sweet On You"




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The Ashley Sisters are an American country sister duo. Lauren and Marlo Ashley are songwriters, performers and musicians, who have accredited social media and traditional radio play to their rise to fame. Their blend of outlaw country, traditional country and country pop are becoming known as their unique songwriting signature with multiple Top 80 MusicRow CountryBreakout™ hits. They have been compared to the Davis Sisters and the Judds, Shania Twain and Heart while their light-hearted humour, alluring presence and bewitching innocence shares a likeness with the Olsen Twins. These sisters are America’s next sweethearts.

Marlo Ashley is the rockin' guitarist with attitude and Lauren Ashley is the sassy singer. Join Lauren and Marlo Ashley as they search for true love found in country music love songs with their latest single, "Country Music Kinda Love." 

They are musically influenced by country music legend Johnny Cash, Texas native Miranda Lambert and southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd recognizing Cash’s wit, Lambert’s storytelling and Skynyrd’s edgy rock and roll. 

The Ashley Sisters are recording their debut album at Revolution Recording with their JUNO award-winning producer Greg Kavanagh.




"Reckless" enters the Top 80 MusicRow CountryBreakout™ chart



"Sweet On You"  enters the Top 80 MusicRow CountryBreakout™ chart


"CRUSH"  enters the Top 80 MusicRow CountryBreakout™ chart

Along Came The Ashley Sisters


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