"Sweet on You"





The Ashley Sisters are Lauren Ashley and Marlo Ashley

They may be new to you, but The Ashley Sisters grew up with a love of country music in their home. Their outlaw country pop sound, sweet demeanour and devil-may-care attitude is coupled by effervescence that sounds like Shania Twain meets Heart. Marlo Ashley is the rockin' guitarist with attitude and Lauren Ashley is the sassy singer. Their light-hearted humour, alluring presence and bewitching innocence shares a likeness with the Olsen Twins.

They are musically influenced by country music legend Johnny Cash, Texas native Miranda Lambert and southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd recognizing Cash’s wit, Lambert’s storytelling and Skynyrd’s edgy rock and roll. 

The Ashley Sisters write their own music and lyrics as professional songwriters blending outlaw country, country pop and southern rock. They are recording their debut album at Revolution Recording with their JUNO award-winning producer Greg Kavanagh.

Along Came The Ashley Sisters

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Country Radio

With the release of "Reckless" in America, their debut single charts on the MusicRow Country Breakout Chart at #75 and is in rotation at 81+ radio stations in the USA with over 15 MusicRow stations including WFRY, WMEV, KFAV, WEIO, KXOX, WDNB, KQKI, WGGC, KWCK, KWHW, KQKX, KSMA, WVMD, WMCI,  WTNJ and WDHR. In Canada, The Ashley Sisters debut single is playing at over 35 radio stations including airplay on Sirius XM with national features on KICX Country 106 and XM Country 105/105 CJVR

Their sophomore single "Sweet On You" is in rotation at 90+ American radio stations including 13 MusicRow stations KFAV, Renegade Radio Nashville, KWHW, WDNB, WGGC, WFRY, WMCI, KXOX, WDHR, KSMA, KWCK, WOLF and KQKX. "Sweet On You" receives airplay on Sirius XM, Nashville's famous 650 AM WSM and 30+ Canadian radio stations with features on XM Country 105/105 CJVR and England's BBC Sounds.


Greg Kavanagh